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Choose Our Experts for Representation Before the Courts in Verdun

As you know, a good expert is an indispensable ally in your defense: they can provide crucial advice in your case and help you throughout the legal process such as representation before the courts, providing you with reliable information but also good advice regarding your case.

Our medical evaluators have solid experience in representing you in court; they can both assist you in your out-of-court negotiations and help you by serving as expert witnesses in various jurisdictions. They will communicate with you at all times and keep you informed of best practices in their field and in the particular case that concerns you in order to assist you with all the formalities. Their strength lies both in their vast knowledge and in their ability to simplify this knowledge and make it accessible to judges and the courts.

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Representation Before the Courts: Experience, Professionalism and Honesty Make All the Difference

The testimony of our experts is a major asset in the defense of your case, as they will be able to present the findings of their report and respond directly to the questions being asked. Trust our team of forensic experts for all your medical evaluations so that you can have the peace of mind of having received the best service.

Shared Cost Allocation

Our medical experts have the necessary expertise to analyze your files in order to apply for cost sharing under sections 328 and 329 of the LATMP. If necessary, they are authorized to draft a reasoned medical opinion in support of your request.

Expert witness services

Please note that all of our expert physicians are available to assist you in your forensic procedures. This service will allow you to obtain the testimony of the physician who has conducted the expertise before the concerned courts. This testimony will be a considerable asset to your case, as the expert will explain and interpret, among other things, the findings of his report, and will be able to respond directly to the questions asked.

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