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Customized Medical Expertise Services in Montreal

Medical expertise is an essential tool to objectively assess the fitness for work of a potential or current employee. By choosing to work with Périor Médicale Inc. medical specialists in Montreal, you ensure that you get answers to important questions that can help you make informed administrative and operational decisions. Contact our team today to set up an appointment or to get answers to all your questions about our services.

We offer our services in Montreal, accross Canada and everywhere else in the world.

What is medical expertise?

Medical expertise provides solutions to a number of issues related to occupational health and safety (CNESST), disability or forensic issues (litigation). If you want to demonstrate why, how or when a certain medical condition could hinder the performance of tasks, our experts are there to assist you.

        Verification of the diagnosis.

Consolidation date.

        Evaluation of functional limitations.

        Evaluation of a pre-existing personal condition with the possibility of cost sharing.

        Evaluation of permanent impairment.

        Appropriateness of treatments.

        Possibility of light work or temporary assignments.

        Motivation of the employee to return to work.

Medical Assessment Procedures

Being the most practical choice for getting unbiased expert information on an individual's medical condition, the medical expertise services offered by Périor Médicale Inc. in Montreal follow the procedures established by the authorities of each state. Essentially, the physician or specialist is invited by an authorized representative to conduct an examination of a third party, followed by a comprehensive report intended to include both the expert's independent opinion and his findings.

An expert can determine:

        Objective symptoms, their nature and severity.

        The most likely diagnosis.

        The impact of the objective symptoms on day-to-day activities.

        The limitations and restrictions that the symptoms impose on working abilities.

        The appropriateness and expected duration of treatment.

Opinion on Case Files

Our specialists are capable of providing an opinion on case files, whether it is to verify a diagnosis, evaluate a treatment plan or address outstanding issues. A more in-depth assessment can be obtained by scheduling an appointment for the person to be assessed with one of our medical evaluators.

Additional Report

Once your medical expert report is completed, you can still provide additional information by asking our experts to provide you with an additional report after analyzing the new information you have provided. This will allow you to obtain more detailed answers to your questions and to clarify your situation.

For any additional questions, please contact Périor Médicale Inc.

Independent Medical Evaluation

Representation Before the Courts

Opinion on Case Files

The Services and Qualities of the Designated Medical Practitioner

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