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Information for Those Being Evaluated

Périor Médicale Inc. offers all those being evaluated fair, respectful and adequate treatment during the entire process. Our team and your medical evaluator will be pleased to answer your questions and guide you step by step. If you have any concerns, questions or comments, please contact us.

Evaluation Process

My doctor has already provided all the information regarding my medical condition. Why ask for a forensic expertise?

There are several reasons to request a medical expertise.

  • Your attending physician may not have the knowledge necessary to fill out the required forms in the event of an occupational or road accident.

  • The mandator may want to know the percentage of your permanent impairment due to an injury in accordance with the applicable scale of CNESST, SAAQ, IVAC, etc. Only a forensic medical expert has the necessary knowledge to perform these calculations.

  • Maintaining the relationship you have with your physician may not allow for an impartial decision to be made regarding your return-to-work date and other details.

  • The forensic medical expert has access to your entire medical and administrative file, which allows him to make a better decision regarding your health status.

  • The independence and impartiality of the forensic medical expert acts in your favor.

  • The training of the expert carrying out the evaluation allows him to respond to the mandatory in a precise manner.

Forensic expertise is a recognized and specialized field of medicine, specifically designed for this type of situation.

How Do I Prepare for an Assessment Carried Out at My Behest?

You are advised to proceed via your lawyer, trade union or representative to meet with the expert to better explain why you are requesting a forensic assessment: a clear mandate implies specific questions to be answered by the expert. In addition, prior to the consultation with the expert, you will be required to provide a medical and possibly administrative (CNESST) file that is as complete as possible regarding your problem before the date of the expertise. Call us, we are here to help you!

How Do I Prepare for an Assessment Requested by a Party Other Than Me?

We are accustomed to receiving people at the behest of third parties. We assure you that you will be received with kindness and courtesy. Our expert will examine you with complete impartiality. He will expect you to be willing to answer his questions to clarify the history of your condition and the elements surrounding it in order to understand the situation better.

How Do I Go About Appointing an Expert?

You can appoint an expert yourself by contacting him directly by phone or email. However, we strongly recommended you to send your application through a lawyer or a representative to propose a clear mandate and a complete file, both medical and administrative.

Information for Those Being Evaluated

What Are Your Rights as a Person Being Assessed?

  • Courteous customer service

  • Respect for the dignity of the persons evaluated

  • Confidentiality

  • Respect for privacy

  • Adequate explanation of the evaluation process

Access for People with Reduced Mobility and Disabilities.

At Périor Médicale Inc. our facilities are fully prepared to provide adequate service to people with disabilities or reduced mobility. In order to ensure an optimal experience, we request you to follow the guidelines set out below for the provision of excellent care and services.

  • Any customer with reduced mobility or suffering from a disability or handicap must inform us in advance.

  • We accept accompanying pets on our premises for all those who need them.

  • If you require an attendant, he will be allowed to enter our premises at any time.

  • If one of our services is temporarily interrupted for people with a disability, we will inform you in advance.

  • Our staff is fully trained and informed on the correct way to treat our clients.

  • Our policies are available to the general public upon request.

  • Standards governing the Accessible Customer Service Plan.

  • Guidelines for communicating and interacting with people suffering from various forms of disabilities.

  • Guidelines for communicating and interacting with persons using assisting devices, requiring a certified animal companion or an accompanying person.

  • Our premises are accessible to people with reduced mobility or requiring a wheelchair.


Please do not hesitate to ask our staff if you need help or if you have any questions regarding your evaluation.

How Does the Evaluation Process Take Place?

Périor Médicale Inc. offers all those being evaluated fair, respectful and adequate treatment throughout the process. Our team and your medical evaluator will be happy to answer your questions and guide you step by step.

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