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Facilitate your medico-administrative procedures with our experts

Need an expert to effectively manage your employees' medical records? We are here to assist you.

A reliable medical expert for an independent assessment in Montreal

Are you looking for a reliable, unbiased and accurate medical expert in Montreal and surrounding areas? Opt for Périor Médicale Inc. If you need our professional services for medical assessments pertaining to plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, burns, radiology or hand and wrist surgery, call on our experts. We also handle litigation cases between employers and employees. We assist trade unions, and we also intervene in legal disputes with other health care professionals. Furthermore, we can give our opinion in the evaluation of damages for the CNESST, the SAAQ or others and give our testimony in administrative or civil courts.

By trusting us, you will benefit from our best advice and assistance in the management of the medical aspects of your professional activities. If you are looking for an expert in medical analysis for a court case or other legal proceedings, our doctors will be ready to schedule an appointment for you at the earliest.
We offer our services in Montreal, accross Canada and everywhere else in the world.


Call us without delay, Périor Médicale Inc. in Montreal will put all its expertise at your service!

Why Choose Périor Médicale Inc.?

       No intermediary: easy and direct access to the specialist

Competitive rates

National and international service

        All our specialists are practicing medical professionals and are abreast of the latest developments in their field

        Solid understanding of assessment scales and how they have to be used according to different situations

        Quick submission of experts’ reports 

        Assistance for your legal team throughout the process

Would You Like to Know More About Us?

Discover our philosophy and values. 

Who Are Our Services For?

We have a wide range of customers with different requirements:


         Trade Unions

         Insurance Companies


Government services

Municipal and regional employers

        Corporate Employers and Many Others.

Need a Medical Expert?

Contact Périor Médicale Inc. to assist and serve you.

Our Medical Assessment Services

To facilitate and optimize your medico-administrative procedures, turn to Périor Médicale Inc. Need professional services for medical evaluations related to plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, burns, and hand-wrist surgery? Looking for an expert at the cutting edge of radiology? or an expert general practitioner? If you are seeking advice in ergotherapy and many other medical specialties, for a court case and other legal or administrative procedures, our specialists are ready to schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible.

All our specialists are professionals practicing their art on a daily basis who have set a benchmark in their respective fields.

Independent medical assessment

        Opinion on case files

        Assessment of functional abilities

Ergonomic assessment

For All Medical Advice

Talk to our highly qualified and experienced doctors today.

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