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The Services and Qualities of the Designated Medical Practitioner in Verdun

Under article 38 of the LATMP, only Designated Medical Practitioner of the employer has the right to access the medical file held by CNESST concerning the occupational injury sustained by a worker; under section 39 of the LATMP, the health professional shall report to the employer who designated him regarding the medical and physical rehabilitation file of a worker to which the Commission gives them access; the health professional may, on this occasion, make a summary of the file to the employer and give the employer an opinion in order to enable him to exercise the rights conferred upon him by this Act.

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Qualifications of the DMP


Have credibility and be rigorous.


Have complete professional autonomy.


Not put himself in a conflict of interest.


The expert physician is first and foremost a doctor and must uphold privacy and medical secrecy.

Roles of the DMP

Assessment of the condition of employees

        Medical administrative recommendations from his report

        Issuing of an opinion

Communication with the attending physician if necessary

Expert witness in case of litigation


Referral to another specialist if necessary

Causal relationship

        Duration of absence

Existence and validity of functional limitations

        Existence and validity of the treatment

Temporary assignment

Cost sharing

        Possible contestation in administrative review or at the TAH

Expert in his field

High level of knowledge in his field

Field experience

        Updating of his knowledge

Recognition before the various courts

Independence and impartiality

Please note that the physician must have total professional autonomy and that he is neither employed by the plaintiff nor the plaintiff. He is free of any conflict of interest.


It should be noted that the physician's opinions are based on objective medical criteria. DMPs are selected by ensuring that this is the first time the physician interacts with the concerned individual or that the physician has not had a previous meeting with the individual for the same reason as the request for assessment.


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