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Independent Medical Evaluation by Experts in Montreal

At Périor Médicale Inc. in Montréal, the independent medical evaluation (or IME) is carried out by a medical expert as part of a mandate. Its purpose is to answer different questions of the mandate after physical examination of the person to be assessed: what is the diagnosis, the origin and consequences of the injury and its possible link with the original event, the date of consolidation, functional limitations, the sufficiency and necessity of treatment or care, etc. The medical assessment is carried out outside of the doctor-patient relationship and in complete impartiality: the expert physician is not here to provide care, prescribe complementary examinations or treatment, but to give a medical opinion outside of the doctor-patient relationship. It should also be emphasized that the expert physician acts completely independently with regard to the claimant.

We offer our services in Montreal, accross Canada and everywhere else in the world.

Opinion on File

Our specialists are capable of providing an opinion on case files, whether it is to verify a diagnosis, evaluate a treatment plan or address outstanding issues. A more in-depth opinion is obtained by scheduling an appointment for the person to be evaluated with one of our medical evaluators.

Assessment of Functional Abilities

Requesting an assessment of a person's functional abilities involves obtaining relevant information on effort, strength, muscular endurance and overall physical condition, tolerance for repeated movements on the job, tolerance for sustained activities, and the ability to return to work or to the individual's daily activities. Périor Médicale Inc. has the experience necessary to handle all types of assessments by offering you the professional services of a wide range of specialists.

Experts specializing in independent medical assessment

Périor Médicale Inc. in Montréal, is prepared to offer you a complete evaluation of your health status based on your comprehensive forensic and administrative file provided by you or a mandator. Given the importance of our experts' findings, we pride ourselves on our complete impartiality, the absence of intermediaries and our absolute professionalism. Step by step, we guide you through the independent medical evaluation process, ensuring that you are comfortable and treated with the utmost respect at all times.


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